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Father's Day rib smoke

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Six racks of St Louis spares. Going to 3-2-1 four of them and try no wrap in 2 of them just to see which I like better.
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Got to say im trying no wrap myself. Foiling was never my exact favorite. I had mushy ribs way to often then not.

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I don't foil any more. Had bad luck with mushy ribs. Now they are tighter and the finish is great. I personally think that the foil thing came from the TV shows and folks think they have to do everything that the big comp guys do. Good luck, Joe.
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Nice looking set up. I use a vertical smoker also. Did these bad boys recently.
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Sorry I didn't get finished pics had people here chomping at the bit to get to them. I definitely had a difference between the wrapped and unwrapped ribs. The unwrapped ones were a bit tighter I think they actually could have used a bit more time but I prefered them to the wrapped ones but I was the only one. My mind has not been made up may do both ways from here on out until others come around to my way of thinking😀
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Sounds to me like the typical "fall off the bone" response.

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I used to foil, but my last few smokes have been no-foil, I thought they were far superior!  My daughter requested ribs this weekend but she didn't want "smoked ribs"  she wanted them the way I used to cook them.  She likes the sticky fall off the bone sauced ribs.  To each his own or her own, we had three different style of ribs for Fathers Day and it was wonderful.  

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