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New MES 30"

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The smoker arrived yesterday. Unboxed it last night before bed, then got everything else ready, including my AMPNS and my Maverick ET733.  I'm doing the 3-hour burn-in right now, and the ribs will go in right after that.  My wife was so excited, she already invited her parents over for dinner.  I'm a little nervous about that, but it is what is in, the in laws are the guinea pigs I guess.  I think I'm ready, have read a ton of stuff on here. Thanks to all the experts who provide great advice.  We'll find out, otherwise, I have Papa Johns on speed dial.

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I would run the AMNPS in the smoker for as long as possible before adding the ribs to make sure it is working properly.


Other than that, good luck.

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AMNPS is smoking like a charm now for about 30 minutes and is inside the smoker.  Ribs go on in about 30 more minutes. 

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