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Ribs -- Cut them all, or only a few.

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I'm just about ready to pull two slabs of spareribs out of the smoker. That's a lot more than we can eat tonight. Is it best to cut all the ribs up now? Or should I only cut off bwhat we can eat, and save the rest as a slab rather than individual pieces?
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If you have the room, I would chill them whole. I hate to cut things due to the possiblility of lossing fluids.


If properly rested, it would be whichever is easiest IMHO.

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What Foam said



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Thanks, guys. That's king of what I figured. They' we rested about30 minutes, and it'll probably be another 15 before I get the sides done.

First smoke in new MES 40bt
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Nice , that wouldn't have time to set around my place .


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My old smoker and was so small, that to cook a slab of ribs I had to cut them in half. Mainly did pork butts and chicken legs. I used two different rubs, one with my standard pork rub, and one with my chicken rub, which has no heat, only herbs and wine simmered to a thick paste. I used the classic 3-2-1 method at 225°. When it was time to foil, I didn't have any apple juice so I just threw in a little beer. LOL. once I uncovered, I glaze the slab with the pork rub with a mixture of honey and burbon. Mopped it probably four times.

Both slabs were great. Very juicie, great flavor, and extremely tender. Pitmaster Pro judges would say they were overcooked, but I don't care. I liked the unglazed paste rub best, but my wife and our guest liked the other better. Guess I'll keep doing two different kinds!
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Nice Looking Ribs,   Good Job



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Nice looking Spares. 



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