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Smoke Hollow Pro Series 44" LP Gas Smoker burners going out

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I have had the Smoke Hollow for a couple months and am having constant issues witht the flame in the burners going out.  I have tried it outdoors, in a shed and outdoors in the wind with all the same result.  I closed the bottom side dampers and even put it in the shed and the burners still go out.  Am I not giving the burners enough air?  I also tried it with 1 burner running and both dampers open.  This game me the best results.  I couldn't keep both burners running with both dampers only in my shed.  Any ideas?  Any suggestions?




Dousman, WI

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Try closing the gas valves on the smoker.... close the gas valve on the tank... SLOWLY, VERY SLOWLY open the gas valve on the tank... you might hear a click.... that is the idiot valve re-setting itself.... now you should have normal gas flow once again...
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No such luck.  I have tried this over and over.  It is always (when looking at it) the left burner that goes out.  It ignites right up but after a random amount of time will go out.  Here in Wisconsin, this can make smoking in colder weather really difficult.

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??????   Why did it take you 2 years to reply to your thread ??    You must have sold it by now, or hauled it to the dump.....

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LOL. Must be a time vortex.   

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Neither a time vortex or a dumping.  Busy, busy, busy.  I've just been dealing with the issue and only smoking on warm Wisconsin days.  Any new ideas?  I tried your suggestions multiple times in multiple variations.





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What size propane tank you using...  How many BTU's are the burners..   Size of the regulator...  Some additional information surely would help...  and pictures of the parts....

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Standard rental 15lbs tank. Pics show specs and regulator.  Regulator is the one that came with the smoker.


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still having the issue here

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I think I have it figured out....   Open the door to the smoker and run both burners..    see what happens...  


I've seen a similar situation where the cooking chamber was pretty much air tight...   When the burners operate, there is no where for the hot gasses to go..   exhaust was not big enough to let the hot gasses out, and that in turn did not let fresh air into the burner area....   The smoke chamber filled up with exhaust gas from the burner until it reached the burner and venture in the burner assembly and the gasses in the smoke chamber had pretty much all the oxygen burned up so the burner would extinguish from lack of oxygen.... 


WHEW !!!  one long sentence HUH ???   If the door open, solves your problem, drill holes in the smoker body...   4 each 1" holes around the top of the side walls...  and some on the bottom of the side walls....





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I will try the open door this weekend. Thanks!
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Very interested to hear results. I am having similar issue with my SH 44 inch.
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