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Akorned Meatloaf

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Chipotle Meatloaf on the Akorn





Grill/drippan in place 


Almost there  BBQ sauced


Done  ...  cheese topped


Took about 2 and a quarter hours @ 275°F to reach an internal of 160°F. Needed more chipotles  ...  it had 2  needed 3 for sure! First smoked one. Was very moist and not overly crusty/dry on the outside. Definitely will do again.

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Box, That meatloaf looks scrumptious !

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My kind of Meatloaf    Thumbs Up



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Marvelous looking Meatloaf . :points:.

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Dang it that looks good, nice job, was this just 80/20 beef?? very nice post and presentation points1.png



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Was actually lean ground beef with about 20% ground pork added to it. 80-20 gb would be just fine!

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