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help please!

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OK here's the deal. I got family coming over tomorrow. And I'm making pulled pork. I want to use my smoker (which is an electric Bradley smoker), and my oven. I heard and read this can be done.. But never got full awnsers. I'm marinating tonight with mustard and a little rub. (I have 3 small picnic shoulder only ones I could find last minute). Was gonna smoke them to about 170, then wrap in foil and put in oven at 225•C till 200-203. Then wrap in new foil with some beer and more rub and wrap towel around and in the cooler till family arrives and pull right before we sit down. Is this a good idea? Please help!!! They arrive tomorrow at 6pm !
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Sounds good but I would skip the second foil with the beer and rub. Just give the first foiling a long rest, or maybe crack it open for a bit of whatever sauce and seal it again.


Edited to add: moving from the smoker to the oven will work, but it will make the oven/kitchen/house smell like wood smoke, so be ready for that.

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Thanks man! And yes everyone loves the smell of smoker. Why I decided to do it! I'm prepared for smell to be in house! Thank you!
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