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Memorial Day Cook

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This is a little late for Memorial Day, but we've been trying to get pics to post.  Found out that they won't from an Ipad.  Here goes my best shot.


Huge long bone beef short ribs with EVOO and a sprinkle of SPOG





About two hours in.  Started with RO Lump for coals and smoking with Red Oak in my Bell Fab.  Chicken is for my wife to make Chicken Salad.  Chicken probed with Maverick 732.  Sorry, Forgot to make pic of baby back prep, but is mustard with SPOG on one, my rub on one and Jeffs rub on one.



This is a closer shot of the baby backs and beef ribs.

They are huge.



This is the beef ribs sliced.  They were just too big to eat off the bone.



The baby backs sliced and ready to eat.



I hope these came out OK.  I was really struggling.  It's hard for old dogs to keep up with new toys.  I hope everyone enjoys the pics.  Please send your comments.  Thanks,  Joe

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Looks amazing. Wish I could find beef ribs that nice around here.
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Dang,  are you sure  you haven't been smoking on that for years, Looks Great !!   Nice color   and some meaty Beef Ribs   Good Job






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We never get beef ribs with that much meat on them--green with envy.  Looks like a great cook overall.  



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I could have eaten the meat off the bones!biggrin.gif Great looking smoke I'll follow Gary's lead!

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That is beautiful. points1.png

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Very nice , well worth he wait.:drool

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Thanks guys for all the good comments and for the points. As I look thru the post, it really feels good to finally have some pics on here, Thanks, again, Joe
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Hey Joe, Congrats on the smoker and a great Smoke 



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Nice spread!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Joe, Congrats on making the Carousel    bravo1.png




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That is a great looking cook!



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I hope my ribs look that good!!! :drool

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I would love to see a picture of your set up.  I got the go ahead to go bigger so getting more ideas.

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If you go to my profile, you can enlarge the avatar to get a good view of the outside. The cook pics at the first of this post will show some inside views. If you will PM me, I will be glad to give you all of the details or answer any questions that you have. Joe
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