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Fireproof File cabinet Smoker

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Hi everyone,

As my first build I decided to take advantage of having a fireproof file cabinet.
The Cabinet was donated by an acquaintance who wanted it gone from his place.

I had a few concerns about when it was. Built and if asbestos was present. Long story short - it was good to go. [IMG]

Each drawer was compartmentalized and had a plaster / wire mesh division in between, after cutting those, I made the decision and cut the bottom of the top 3 drawers.
The bottom drawer is being used as the fire box.

I found out is very efficient ( in my opinion ) ) brought the temperature up to 220 and every hour I would add a block of oak 4" x 4" and would hold temp for about 50in +-.

Here is another pic

I would greatly appreciate any advice-

I still need to add permanent temp Gages

I actually used as a grill today. :D

Thanks for looking at my project

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I don't know how to build a damn thing but al I know is that is awesome! Really cool idea!
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worktogthr - I not a crafty guy at all, it was very simple to do. the harderst prt was finding enough information before hand. And having the right tools - total moneys spent was close to $40.00 -
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That is so awesome!!!  I was actually looking for an old cabinet earlier today here at work.  I want to make one!!  

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I am doing a File Cabinet build and was wondering if you put a drip tray in anywhere?  The one that I have is not fireproof and I am in the process of burning out the inside (to get rid of paint and other crap).  Did you just cut a big hole in the bottom of all the drawers?  I am planning on doing a gas one, with a burner on the bottom, along with a tray for chips or AMNPS unit.


Any other input I can get from you is welcomed. 

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Here's mine it wasn't insulated so I did it myself. I got 3 temp gauges off ebay for $21. works great with electric or charcoal.

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Do you have a picture of the inside?  I am trying to figure out where to put stuff.  Gas Burner on the bottom, chip tray above it, drip tray? 

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2 are like the top pic then 1 is the bottom. I just use a cheap aluminum pan for the drippins. I use a double burner hot plate most of the time and have a small cast iron pan I put wood chips in. Hope this helps. 

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Where do you put the aluminum pan then?  Does it just sit in the drawer with the 8 holes in it?  What did you do for racks in the top 2 drawers?  And yes, every little bit helps.

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Usually I only use 2 drawers so I put it in the lowest one. I went to the scrap yard and got stove racks and cut them to fit. The deals that use to hold the files I cut so I have multiple racks in each drawer.

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Yeah, that is where my problem lies, my cabinet is only 3 drawers, but it is legal size so wider than normal.  I have a Holland gas grill that is rusting out so I plan on using the drip tray from that and the rack.  Maybe the smoke stacks, the side shelving and whatever else I can rob from it.  

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