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1st Ham

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Here is my first ham – a 21 pounder.  I used Pop’s brine with no added spices and his injection procedure.  It was in the brine for 30 days.  I then followed Hab’s procedure for the smoke using pecan pucks.  That started at 7:45 am yesterday and ended at 3:am this morning.  It is now in the fridge wrapped in plastic and tin foil for 2 days. To be able to use the stokinette, I hung it from a hook mounted through the OBS vent.



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My mouth is watering..... Post a pic when you slice it. I don't know if I would have the patience for a 30 day brine LOL.

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Nice first Ham , looks like it needs to be sent to me for testing :ROTF


Here's to your success , :points:.


Have fun and .  ,  ,

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