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Curing salt question, possible screw up

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I bought a pork belly this past weekend to make up some bacon.  Used Pop's Brine recipe but none of the stores around me here in CT had the Pink curing salt or Morton's Tender Quick.  The only thing I was able to find was Morton's Canning and Pickling Salt.  So I made the brine using the tablespoon of this like in the recipe for the brine and have had the pork belly sitting in it since saturday.  Today I've been doing some research about smoking it, which I was figuring would be probably next weekend.  Some of the posts that are popping up when I do the search it looks like the canning salt is wrong.  Is it safe to use this still or did I just ruin my pork belly?

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Canning salt is just salt (sodium chloride), has no nitrite in it. You got just (weakly) brined belly. Provided that you had your belly in the fridge it would be safe to cook it (now).
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ok.  guess the smokers getting fired up early.  So it won't be bacon because of my screw up, its just going to be smoked pork belly now right?

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Pickling salt isn't fortified with iodine or an anticaking agent. It's pretty much 100% sodium chloride it's the purest of the salts. Just beware you don't need as much when you use it. So you brine could turn out pretty salty. Hope that helps.
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Correct no bacon, just smoked belly. Still ...very tasty. Cut up the skin in a diamond pattern before cooking. If you used 1tbs/gallon it won't be too salty.
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Ok so I can use what I have here now, if I'm smoking around 225 what IT should I be shooting for and rough estimate of time?
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I would crank the temperature after getting some smoke into it and take it to 190F IT. You can go skinless and enjoy a butter like texture of the fat or leave the skin in and be amazed of the taste and crunchiness of the skin.
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Smoked the pork belly tonight. 5 hours over hickory. Got it a little above 190 IT. Melts in your mouth! It sure isn't bacon, but it's damn delicious!
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Great smoke.

Yep...belly is great any way you make it.

Just keep in mind all these curing salts have different uses and dosages. Can't just replace one with the other.
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