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Help - Propane smoker acting up.

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I've been using this smoker for about 5 or 6 months and really like it.  But I just ran into an issue.  I tried calling customer service, but that was a complete waste of time.


Here is my issue and I'd appreciate any advice or help.


The last time I tried to smoke some pork loin, I got everything going, but the metal nozzle that hooks into the burner, it has a few holes in it for excess propane to escape (at least I imagine.)  Well that area is igniting on me.  I know all the propane isn't getting to the burner, the burner is igniting, but is a yellowish flame.  I don't know if I have a clog somewhere, or if my nozzle that hooks into the burner is bent a little was bent a little when I got the thing, but it's never done this before.


Thanks for your help.

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Clean out the burner.... use a wire and compressed air.... there may be spider webs in there that block gas flow... also, turn off the gas to the burner... turn off the tank gas supply.... SLOWLY, VERY SLOWLY open the tank gas supply.... you may hear a "tink" or "clunk" when the idiot valve opens.... allowing for full gas flow.....
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I think Dave has it. Probably some "gunk" or webs or even dirt clogging something up. just pull it apart if you can and take a brush to it. Hopefully that's all it is.


 I believe the holes you are refering to are to allow oxygen to mix with the gas for combustion. The yellow flame is a result of either dirt or lack of Oxygen....


good luck, brother!

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