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buffalo wings

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Hello all,
Today was a good day. I quickly got home from work today and threw some wings in a brine for a few hours. I smoked them with a mix of hickory and cherry. Made a buffalo sauce to toss them in. I also cut up a few potatoes and an onion for a side dish. I tossed the potatoes in olive oil with a seasoning consisting of salt, pepper, garlic and smoked chipotle chili powder. I baked those though. It was so beautiful outside I enjoyed my meal out on the deck. Sadly with no one to share my dinner with. My wife and kids didn't get home till late than expected. Oh well, I got lunch for tomorrow lol. 20150430_182728.jpg 4226k .jpg file
20150430_182844.jpg 3832k .jpg file
For whatever reason I can't get my final plated up pic to upload.
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Nice job...:drool

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You did get some finish shots , and they  looked great. What was in your sauce :icon_question: Looked like Frank's . Give us your secret and we won't kidnap your


Smoker . :ROTF


Have fun and . . .

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That's just a typical Frank's, butter, mayo and mustard sauce. I have another that has different spices in it. But that's my secret one lol.
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