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Partially cooking a brisket

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I've been volunteered to cook a brisket for an event on Sunday. Meal time is 3PM. Is it acceptable to cook it for a few hours in Saturday and then finish on Sunday? I don't want to stay up all night smoking but I don't want to be rushed for time either.
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With all that running up & down through the Danger Zone, I think you'd be better off smoking it to finish, and refrigerate it on Saturday. Then heat it up before serving.




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When you start it you may as well finish it. It has to come back up to were you left off,it can be heated with no problem.

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That's what I was thinking. I'm just cooking it for someone and I won't be at the event. The last brisket I cooked was 17.25 pounds and it was done in 10.5 hours. They're only having about 10 people so 8-10 pounder should be plenty. I can probably get it done in 6-7 if I manage the fire properly.
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Yep,   good advice, I'd cook it all the way the warm it. 



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