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Nope dead certain its genuine and it comes with the full factory warentee. I am going to swing by and see if its still available later today. I'll post pics and a review if it works out!
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My wifes work sells this Komado Joe pellet smoker it is $1800 I believe they are Komado supplier.
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There is no way anybody has a Black Olive on sale for that price. It sounds like it's a off brand unit. What store is it being sold at and are they a true authorized dealer for the Primo Black Olive? Now I did get mine on sale but it cost me $1200 with everything else included it walked out $1500 shorter.
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I talked to my wife and she said
The jr is $500
The classic $999
The Big Is 1499
Now she said cost depends on accesories also
As in for the Black olive she will get me a pricebecause that is an order item
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That could be the case but I'm not sure that's a Black Olive by Primo. Who makes it.
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IM sure she will know through distributor I will post it Tuesday when she gets home. And she will fiqure out retail price since she only gets wholesale.
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