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More Pastrami

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I know, lots of pastami lately, but I was in my local grocer this week and they had corned beef brisket for $1.99 per pound! I got three!

  Soaked and rinsed several times then rubbed and ready to rest overnight.


The two on the top with a reciepe I found here. The one on the bottom with fine black pepper, ground coriander and ground mustard.

  Into the smoker at 11:00 with 2 rows of pecan in the AMNPS.


The probed one only took 7.5 hours. Sliced pics to come!

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 Thought the smoker needed more, so adde3d ABT's to keep the boys at bay

 I spiced up the cream cheese a bit just to keep things interesting. Dried basil and 'fiery five pepper spice'. Good stuff and not too hot.



Added some homemade bacon on top.

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  OK, time to finish this post! The finished ABT pics did not come out. :th_crybaby2: But they were good. On to the pastrami!


The flash was a little bright. Very good pastrami. Enjoy!



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Nice post , Mike . I see some Rubens in the future .

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Mike ,good looking pastrami !:points:

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  Thanks y'all. So far everyone has really liked it.



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