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Hot Links Texas Style

Chef Willie’s Recipe


Started with a 8.25 lb. butt. Trimmed the fat and deboned.

I ended up with 6.5 lbs. of usable meat and fat.

After trimming the meat and cutting into about one inch cubes I put it in the freezer to get really cold, pretty firm (also put grinder head assembly in also)

I mixed the slurry using Chef Willie’s recipe.





12 ounce good Beer

2 Tbl black pepper

2 Tbl crushed red pepper (pizza pepper)

2 Tbl cayenne

2 Tbl paprika

3 Tbl kosher salt

2 Tbl mustard seeds

¼ cup garlic, minced

1 tsp Cure #1

1 tsp ground coriander


Mix everything together into a slurry


Only changes I made were recalculating the amounts for 6.5 lbs.

And I used TQ instead of Cure #1 (because I have plenty of TQ)


Note:  TQ and Cure #1 are not the same; Measurements are different 1.5 Teaspoons per pound of TQ for ground meat.


I ground meat through the largest dia. Plate first, mixed the slurry into the meat and back in the freezer to firm up again.

After firming for the second time I ground again using the smallest dia. plate then back in the fridge till tomorrow’s stuffing. Rinsed hog casings and soaking.

I did a fry test to see how the flavor was going to be. Wow !  This is going to be great. My wife loved it and she is not a big Hot Link fan.

After resting overnight in the fridge we are ready for stuffing.

Since I am doing Hot Links I decided to put a few drops of Red food color in the hog casing water just to give them a little red tint. Loaded up the stuffer, slid on the hog casings, and were making hot links.  From the time I filled the stuffer twice (I don’t fill it too full) since I knew I couldn’t get 6.5 lbs. into a 5lb. stuffer, doing the stuffing and cleaning up everything it took 25 min.

I let the links rest for about an hour and a half  on the counter under a fan to bring down the temp and dry the casings a bit.


I used Lump Charcoal and Pecan chunks for this smoke

Put links on the smoker (no smoke) smoker temp was 90 ° let them go for an hour.

Bumped temp to about to 105°  added a couple of pecan chunks for another hour

Added more lump and pecan, bumped temp to 120° for another hour

Bumped temp to 140 ° for another hour added a little more lump

Bumped temp up to 160 ° for an hour then to 190 to finish.

Internal temps were 168 ° and 171 °

Pulled links off smoker to cool down.


Note; this is a very important step “DO NOT SKIP THIS”


You have to sample a link !!!  WOW  great stuff !!!

After cooling I vacuum sealed and into the freezer “ Had to take #2 son a half dozen”




8.25 lb. Butt





I deboned and trimmed the fat




Cutting it into 1" cubes



Meat and fat cut up  I mixed about 1/2 the fat back in




Grinder ready to go




First grind with large plate





Mixed seasoning Slurry into the meat, Back in the freezer to firm up a bit




Second grind  Mmmmm   looking and smelling good. In the Fridge for an over night nap




Hog casings rinsed and ready to go





Getting everything ready to stuff




Stuffer full, casing on  ----   And ready to go





Here is a picture of the little gem's






About a double handful of lump to get started




Charcoal Lighter





Both dampers almost closed




Links On




90º for the first hour   no smoke  just heat




105 º for another hour,  gradually  bumping the temp every hour







And finished




My first Hot Links, Flavor is outstanding



After eating a couple and taking a half dozen to my son, vacuumed sealed the rest


Thanks for Looking,  Easy to make and way better than store bought

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Wow! Those look great Gary. My, you have been very busy here lately-enjoying the spring weather are we? Another pic heavy and very descriptive post. Love the step by steps. Great job! Thanks for posting, David.
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The computer I'm using here doesn't display the Reply tool bar, so I'll just scream it loud--POINTS!!!!!!
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Gary, you did good. Wishing I had one , maybe two. Thanks much for the recipe and all the photos. CF:Looks-Great:

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nicely done.....and thank you for the mention. I'm impressed you can control the heat so well on that side fire box unit....glad you and the family are enjoying the fruits of your new passion...Willie

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Looks great!

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Wow! Texas does wild stuff! Great job! Cheers! - Leah

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Willie, thanks No hard just have to pay attention and keep the fire small
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You are on fire here my friend, the amount of heat scares me. Old belly burnt out years ago.

Like red added color to casings also.



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Nice hot links Gary... How did the wife like her new red counter tops......LOL
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Another Awesome Post & a Great Step by Step!!!Thumbs Up--------------------:points:


You are one Busy Dude, Gary!!Thumbs Up


Wish you lived at the Other East Texas!!:drool




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I can smell them from here gary. Beautiful.

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Nice looking links Gary! Nice smoke!
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Gary, I'm speechless (only because my mouth is full of drool!) haha. Those look great. You have been one busy fella who had been eating well lately too. Great job. You've out done yourself once again!
- Ryan
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Good Gawd   , Gary... Nice :drool


Your postings are great . . .Thumbs Up

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Wow, great job.

You are a master at this stuff.
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Looks awesome Gary, nice thread ! sausage.gif

Looks like the grinder & stuffer are treating ya right ! icon14.gif
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As an Okie, I'll have to take a knee and praise the Texas style. They look lovely. Wish I was your neighbor cause I would still be sitting on your patio. Consider this an electronic gold clap, golf clap, golf clap....
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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

Nice hot links Gary... How did the wife like her new red counter tops......LOL



I had to bleach them after I got through. No more red food coloring 



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Thanks Tropics for the compliment and point



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