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New to forum, first shoulder...

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Hey fellas,
Been using this forum for a while now, but finally decided to join up and start posting. Went to a local butcher and picked up a whole shoulder 18.5 lbs or so, and a big box of beer, and figured I would try to cook something tonight. After reading a few threads here, I decided to cut this bad boy in half. I'm guessing that makes 9 lb Boston butt, and 9 lb picnic roast? Anyway, here it is.

I threw it in a simple brine just for the hell of it, salt, pineapple, brown sugar, garlic, etc.

Now I'm thinking about cooking it overnight.
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So for some reason, it saved as a draft until now. Since then, I dry rubbed it, and put it in the smoker. Sitting at 220, have s squirt bottle of apple juice, and still lots of cold bud left

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Welcome to the forum, have you posted in roll call yet?  Just to tell us a little bit about yourself, we wanna know!  I just got a 9 lb butt going about an hour ago, lets compare ideas... happy smoking!



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Looking Good   Keep the pics coming



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First question, can I smoke this for say 5-6 hours tonight with lots I smoke(1am). Then put it in the fridge. Fire it back up in the morning, and get it to 200? Can I 2 stage this process, or once commited, Cook till its done?
All opinions are welcome, thanks
The Kempire
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I'm up in Canada, so outside is right around the freezing mark tonight, but the temp is steady in the smoker around 220-230. I'm adding wood to keep a steady smoke, and spraying down with Apple juice from time to time. I'll attempt to take a quick pic..

So I opened the door, and took that pic. I'm not sure I like the difference from the top to bottom roasts. I'll have to keep an eye on that and possibly switch positions. Maybe switching positions and going slow might make it better in the long run😉. anyway, still a long long way to go...
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I'm not sure about stopping and starting the cooking process.  What's the internal temp of the butts?  They typically take 1.5 to 2 hrs per pound.  They should be good to go all night, low and slow.  My butt is at 156 and climbing slowly.  It will stall at about 165 for quite some time.  That is when the magic takes place.



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12 hrs in. 168 IT

Sorry for the crappy pic, but wanted to get in and out quick, open, probe, picture for friends, run...😜
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Looking Good, Color is great



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Looking good so far. Hope it turns out delicious!
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Smaller one was reading 200, pulled and rested for an hour in foil and towels

Now I'm just waiting for the big boy
The Kempire
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Looks tasty, nice job ! icon14.gif
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Nice job, looks like some good bark.  I'm still waiting on my 9 lb to finish.  It's at 187, won't be too much longer.



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Great looking Pulled Pork   Good Job   points1.png




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2nd one turned out even better. Was more "stringing" I guess there is s difference in the 2 cuts.
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Looks great ! icon14.gif
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That looks amazing!  Great job



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Looks Good to ME !    




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How long you have it in for, and how often did you spray down/baste? I'm in canada too, today +1 - +5 . Put a pork loin in this morning and doesn't look nearly as tasty as your. Using a big chief smoker, probably should have put it on last night, but I forgot. :(
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