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cold smoking with my landsman electric smoker

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Hey guys how are you doing.  Ive been doing alot of reading on cold smoking and cant seem to find too much about using an electric smoker.  I tried some cheese last night and sadly melted it down /=  I am wonder what adaptations or things i can order to help me get a nice low temperature cold smoke.  my smoker goes down to 100F.  any help is appreciated.  i also see amnps everywhere.  what does that mean?

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Hello Craig. The AMNPS thing you're seeing is a separate smoke generator that slowly burns either pellets or wood dust on it's own. It usually needs a bit of a draft to stay lit, so many do the Mailbox Mod to their respective smoker. I have an MES30 and use the AMNPS with the dust and have had no issue at all keeping it lit inside of my smoker.


Here's the link to the AMNPS: http://www.amazenproducts.com/


When cold smoking, the smoker should not be turned on, and you'll to supply smoke using another method. This is where the AMNPS comes in.

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So i would start the smoke in the amnps and than it would smoke up my smoker without melting the cheeses? pretty cool.  any idea what model would work best for a landsmann 32in electric smoker?

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How do i start the smoke in the anmps?

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I tried finding some pictures of it, and if I'm seeing right the bottom is sort of a drawer? I can't find a picture that has any sort of exterior vent at the bottom. Is there one? If the shelf/basket at the bottom is big enough to fit a 5"x8" unit, that I'd suggest this one from Todd.




I'd also suggest getting some of the dust if you're looking at cold smoking without any heat. And yes, using the AMNPS and no heat in the smoker, you're cheese shouldn't melt....as long as the internal temps of the smoker stay at or below 70 degrees which you should use a probe therm to check.

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Craig to Craig.......come in please.


Most of us use a propane torch to fire up the pellets.  Once you get a good smoke going, you then insert the AMNPS into your smoker at the bottom.   Where exactly at the bottom will vary on each different smoker.  Can you post a pic of the inside of your smoker?  Yes, when cold smoking you never use the heat from the smoker.  It remains off.  The only heat generated is that from the AMNPS.  When doing cheese, you need to pick a cold afternoon or a morning. 


Some who have smaller smokers, will build a separate smoker for their AMNPS, such as a mail box.  Doing this will separate the AMNPS from your smoker, but you then connect the two with a 3" or 4" vent tube.   There are tons of discussions on "Mailbox mod".  Do a search.

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im not home now but once i am ill give you a picture.  would cold smoking work with chips or chunks or only pellets work?  Also could i start some wood chips on smoke in my smoking pan and than just let them smoke without the element underneath?

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Using chunks and chips is unlikely to work because of the lack of a good enough draft in a cold smoker. That's why pellets and wood dust are used for this sort of application. 


Now, if you wanted to use chunks or chips, you could build a smoke box outside of the smoker and use a propane burner inside of it. Then you could pipe the smoke into your smoker with duct work. 


A bit more work, but it's up to you how it gets done really.

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If you are cold smoking you might want to think on using the dust vice the pellets. Pellets require more ventilation to keep smoldering whereas the dust seems to smoke with much less. Also with less oxygen you get less heat generated, which is good when doing cheese or butters.


But as with all things differents smokers different rules, I have never fired up a Landsman Electric. Seems if I remember right they have both digital and analog smokers also.

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Thanks guys, im going to get myself some dust than.  the landsmen is the digital one, has a meat probe i picked it up at gander mtn on sale.  32 in 4 racks 800w element.  I like it so far.  I dont think duct work would work for me because it does not have a side oxygen hole.  It gets most of its air from underneath i guess.  Im making some caseless snack sticks right now too so ill see how those work out

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Is there a vent on the bottom side of the smoker?  Being electric, I wouldn't expect to find one.  Is there an exhaust vent on top?

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exhaust vent W dampner is on top of the unit.  I want to get into cold smoking without cutting the machine up to bad since idk how long i will be staying at my current apartment.  Im pretty good W tools since my dad is a plumber and i cant wait to put a brick and mortar smoker in when i get some land of my own

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Vent on top is good.   Depending on how air tight the bottom is when everything is all closed, will dictate how well the AMNPS or AMNS will burn.   Does your smoker have an additional door at the bottom?

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Ive been contemplating leaving the bottom grease pan door open a crack to let more air in.  Last night i was smoking snack sticks and couldnt get a good smoke going.  I didnt preheat the chips and i may have over soaked them.  Had to relight with a torch multiple times.  it could also be because its about 5 degrees at night here lol

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I wonder if that bottom tray would be deep enough to fit the AMNPS? Either way, the bin in the main drawer appears to be large enough and with using the dust from Todd it won't matter if it's 5 or -20....I've done both with it never going out. Get your AMNPS and dust and you'll be set. You'll also be able to use pellets in it, so you'll never need to soak/reload chips again!

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Yes, looking at the pic you sent via the link, I'd just consider keeping the lower door slightly open if needed.   How about not soaking the chips next time.

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yeah i put a note in my smokernotebook to not soak the chips if going below 190 again.  I just bought a bunch of Chips/chunks so i hope those arent a waste since ill be using the ampns.  Im still a little confused about the ampns and not sure which model would work best for my smoker

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Can't comment to which model because I've never used your smoker. But because there are 2 drawers at the bottom, it should be able to fit inside one of those closed. Measure to see which drawer and which model will fit where.


BTW, there's never a need to soak chips.

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I have both and can give you dimensions later today.  I started out with the duster for hot smoking but then went to the pellet smoker, retiring the duster.  Haven't actually used the duster for cold smoking, but might give it a try this weekend since I'm doing some more cheese.


Craig,  I bet you will eventually switch over to the pellet smoker for hot smoking and end up selling your chips and chunks on flea bay. :sausage:

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so with the pellet smoker i just buy pellets and put the amnps in my smoker? or ru talking an entirely differnt machine? Hope i didnt just waste all the $$ on chips/chunks.  bought 10lbs of every flavor...

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