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Dry-ish cured back bacon

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So, thanks to all the raving about dry cured bacon/back bacon, and Bearcarvers awesome tutorials, I figured I would try it.


I didn't take as many photos as I should have, but this is Bearcarvers method, with a twist.


So I have a 7.8 pound loin, that I rubbed with TQ. Then brown sugar. The sugar I bought ended up being really damp/moist...


Over that, I poured maple syrup. Instead of using a 1 gallon ziploc bag, I cut off a vac bag from my roll, closed one end, then put the loin in whole. applied a vacuum to remove most of the air, and sealed it before the fluid got sucked up. I was thinking, this would keep all the cure in contact with the meat a lot better.   Thoughts??


Now the wait!!



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Looks good so far. Keep the pics coming.

Happy smoken.


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Need an update !



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Haha! Any time Gary! Its been a whole 33 hours since I laid this hunk-o-meat in the fridge to chill, and let all that happens to make pork into bacon, happen! Looking forward to the smoke!!


Also have a couple of hams in pops brine, doing its thing, and I think Thursday, I will try my hand at sausage!!

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Took the loin out of the bag and  dried with paper towels. Pellicle formed in the refrigerator,  then went in the smoker this afternoon at 3:30. will take it off at 9:30. Cut the whole loin in half (beautiful pink color all the way through), and put both halves in a single 40" stockinette. Tucked both halves in their respective ends, and hung the loins in my smoke house. Been sitting in there at 60* Will rest in the refrigerator over night, and then finish hopefully tomorrow. I'm on shift again, so timing depends on when I get home.

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So, finished smoking yesterday at 10:00PM, let rest over night, and now the slicing pictures.


Hey Bearcarver!! If your reading this, brother this stuff is outstanding! Dear Lord, I musta ate a pound just "tasting" it!!


And the pics... In the stocking


Out of the stocking



A shot of some of the slices in natural light


Slicing to vac-pac


and packaged...




Bears TQ method is a no nonsense, no BS method, that produces great bacon! The salt vs sweet is perfect. I double smoked this run, and will for sure do it again. Man I'm drooling just remembering how it tasted!

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Brother that's some mighty fine looking back bacon.   Great job, great color    points1.png




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