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Pork Butt on MES

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Felt the need for some fresh smoked pork and this 5.5# pork butt volunteered for the smoker. Seasoned it up and let it rest overnight. Started the MES at 240 with the AMNPS loaded with hickory pellets. After five hours the IT was 162, removed and foiled. Returned to the MES for another 3.5 hours until the IT reached 199. Pulled it out and let it rest covered for 30 minutes. Results as you can see turned out great. Moist and Tender. Could just make some slices and the remainder was fall apart tender for pulled pork fixins.


Seasoned and ready for the MES

Some leftover snow on the ground

Fresh out of the MES

Slicing the Butt

Close enough to taste

Ready to eat with sauce made for the meat juices

Pulled and ready to package

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Looks great



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Looks fantastic. Hope the one I'm smoking up today turns out as good.



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Looks Great, Larry!!!:drool


Mighty Tasty!!--------------------------:points:


I could go for some of that right now!!Thumbs Up




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I could eat a sandwich or two



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I can almost smell it from here ,nice smoke !

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