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My new WSM

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Decided to season my new WSM this morning, and why waste the charcoal? So, put a roast on to cook. If you looked closely, you could see the TBS. th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

OAT = 72, severe clear, no wind (Hey, it's winter in Arizona!) thumb1.gif
Temp indicator = 220 degrees
Temp probe at lower grill = 221 degrees

That being said, the temp indicator in the lid will serve as a good rule of thumb for future smokes. 


The gas grill is only serving as a temporary table for the Maverick ET-732 temp monitor.

Will post photo of the roast when it is cooked. 

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Be looking forward to seeing it



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Here's the results after 5 hours - used the old iron skillet trick, IT was 165 degrees, veggies done.

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Man What a supper, Great Job



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