Keeping the AMNPS lit

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I had no problem keeping mine lit,but seeing all the post on problems. Being I love to mess with things that aren't broke.First mod was the mailbox attached to my MES40

Now I figure if it is air flow starving the pellets, as problem for those whom can't keep it going, a few spring binders on the bottom allows more circulation, you guessed better burn.

I also used a 3" stove pipe ell on the exhaust , this pic shows the box I made to raise it up on my deck.

The opening in the bottom of it allows me to use a computer fan, with the drip tray removed. I have a disposable pan underneath.

This fan setup with a wallwart is an easy fix, it may possibly help in the higher elevations.

Darwin  was the one who gave me this item so Big Thanks Darwin

The fan does not have to stay on. I have mine hooked up with an outlet and switch.

Hope this helps someone

Thanks for looking

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It looks like you have a lot of good ideas!
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Thanks for sharing Tropics. That looks like an effective setup.

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Nice Mod.  I like the binder clip usage.

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Hey Guys Thanks some times some silly ideas, really do work nicely. The clips are sold in Staples 8 in a bag, so I plan on making a cover for the tray.