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Gas burner build

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I'm planning on building a smoker from steel and using a gas burner.

Could anyone please give advice on how thick the steel should be and what paint I need for inside and out? It will be outside.

Many thanks.

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I favor 1/4"  and use Rustoleum High temp paint outside only     



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Depends on the size of the smoker. If I was going to spend much time on it I wouldn't go less than 3/16 so It will last a long time as well as hold a constant temp. Ant high temp paint will work or you could get it powder coated with high temp.

Happy smoken.


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Powder coat is nice Looks good for a long time if you use the highest temp stuff



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Insulate the smoker......

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I was planning on a wooden one first lined with foil. But then thought I might as well build a metal one so it will last.

Im not sure on the size but I was thinking on 3 shelves and some steel rods up top so I can hang as-well.

Any size suggestions?

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