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I just remembered everybody saying you should heat the pellets up in the microwave I think to get the moisture out of them.

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Nice color though, sorry about your problem

post #23 of 38 This is todd's profile, you can pm him from there. He is really good at helping his customers out.

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Thanks for the advice guys I am sure I will get it figured out. This is only my second cook in the MES. Luckily for me I am in one of my no sleep cycles so I would be up anyway.
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*G* There are some snippets in this thread that would make some funny quotes.


But seriously, showing good smoked meat to kids will arouse their interest. They'll taste it and ask, how did you do that, and you can tell them exactly how to do it.

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Looking forward to the final report. When I was a teen and playing football I'd eat a whole chicken, or an extra large pizza, or just about anything placed in range of my fork. Both my daughter's were HS and collegiate swimmers. Man could they inhale food! I'm really interested if there's anything left from the 35 teens.
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I just remembered everybody saying you should heat the pellets up in the microwave I think to get the moisture out of them.

I have tried all of the suggestions here as well, including microwaving the pellets. I couldn't even keep the AMZNPS lit in my mailbox mod. But I have never had an issue with my tube smoker (although I always use the mailbox). I can't understand how one never fails and one never works, no matter what I try.


Still hope everything turns out great, and I hope those kids appreciate how much work went into this. Consider it a huge compliment if they inhale it and leave no traces!

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Just got my new AMNPS, got it going right now in my RF smoker , smoking some cheese so far so good



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OK, so final report. It was a big hit, they all loved it! 


My son is a snare drummer (Drum line) so they were supposed to have a 9am to 9pm practice today so I decided to make them all dinner. They practice at the local middle school so the schedule got changed a bit by the school. It was supposed to be lunch at 12:00 and dinner at 6:00. This got changed to lunch at 12:00 and dinner at 3:15 so the kids were not as hungry as I wanted them to be.


This was for 35 people (teenage kids and adults). The ate about half of what I made (yeah leftovers).


The smoke started at 6:30 pm and got wrapped in towels and into the cooler at 7:00 am (it was a long night but worth it). I gave the kids some Sweet Baby Rays Sauce and I mad a homemade Vinegar sauce (my favorite) that had a bit of a kick to it.


They also had Chips, Fresh Fruit and Veggies, A Cherry Cobbler and Chocolate Brownie sheet cake for dessert.


Thanks for watching.



Rubbed and ready to go


After about 3 hours or so (smoked halfway with Hickory and then the rest Cherry)


Finished at 7:00 am



This pan was heaping full so this is about half (left over).


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From the looks of that, it's hard to believe there were leftovers. Well done!

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It looks like you put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. What a great day you had! And hero status also!


Congratulations! Well done.

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Nice job   probably a bunch of happy and full kids    points1.png




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Looks great man. Glad it all turned out so well for you.

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Thanks for the kind words. Leftovers came into work with me today to feed the guys in my department.


They are all happy.

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So did any of the kids express interest in learning smoking techniques? 

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I always liked the way Emeril would say it. "Here, take this and share, make some friends!"

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I spoke with a couple of them about what it took to make it and they were pretty interested, But I have been cooking for a bunch of these kids for a couple of years (my son hangs out with them) so they know a bit of what I am doing.


One of the parents asked about how I did it and would like to get a smoker for her husband.

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Same here, they all say sure, that last about 5 min. Then it's when is it ready



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