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I'm drinking a very good Porter I home-brewed -much better than any commercial I have sampled (FWIW)  My wife is not much of a beer drinker and doesn't care for dark beers but agrees this IS good stuff so that is a plus in my book!

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Picture of the porter I recently brewed and am enjoying (very much LOL)


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I know you guys are all home brewers...........


I put up 4 more quarts of strawberry juice last weeekend and broke down and bought a 1/2 in racking pump for auto syphoning. Bee meaning to ever since Case told me about 'em.


Ain't that a pretty quart of juice?



Another yet darker red!



That makes 2 gallons total.......... You know I had some native cherries, the white ones, I have been really wanting some cherry bounce the last few Christmas's. It's like something is missing without it. But my cherry source got old and died.


BUT I have these just in, wanta guess what I am thinking here? LOL



Spiced Peach Liqueur just can't be beat with sweet tea.......... Maybe I'll go out on the veranda and swing on the porch swing....... I wonder if I still have an old sear sucker suit to wear, maybe my plantation straw hat........ LOL.

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Yesterdays mystery case.

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Yesterdays mystery case.

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That's a good looking array of beer! I've solved a few of those "mysteries" through the years.....
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Originally Posted by TimsTallTaleTav View Post

That's a good looking array of beer! I've solved a few of those "mysteries" through the years.....
Yes, I have gone threw a few. Some make it to parties, they always are a hit.
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This case will be served with a brisket that just came off the smoker.

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Sugarlands Apple Pie moonshine. yahoo.gif
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My Christmas gifts.

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Drink and cook with Redd's Apple, Green Apple, Strawberry, and Cranberry Ale. Use Southern Comfort when I got a cold...well that's what I tell the wife!

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Morning all,


We've got 4 beers on tap right now. Acadia Coast Pale Ale, Equinox (It's a pumpkin ale made with Long Island cheese pumpkins), An old fashion hard root beer and a Pliny the Younger clone that tops the list at 10% ABV and 200 IBUs.


Tomorrow we are brewing a recipe I designed for our annual cereal beer competition within our brew club. The grain bill has to be 10% breakfast cereal. This year we are making a Chocolate Cherry Milk Stout.


I'll keep you posted as to how it comes out.

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I made a Pliny the Younger clone before and it was one of my favorites. 

I would like to here your review of the choc cherry milk stout when its ready. 

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Hey Carney,

Yes the Pliny is one my favorites too. Very complicated beer to brew with endless hop additions and tons of dry hopping. We even used hop extract in this one. It came out amazing though and was worth the time and money to brew it.


I will let you know how the Chocolate Cherry Milk Stout comes out. It will probably be about a month or so. I can tell you there's sweet cherry puree and dutch processed cocoa powder in the mix. If it turns out well, I will post the recipe.




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The Chocolate Cherry Milk Stout came out well considering... I chose to use Danstar's Nottingham yeast. Never again. That's the fourth time I've tried it and it never finishes. Temperature was a constant 71*F throughout fermentation but I ended up with a 62% attenuation. I would choose another yeast next time. Gravity started at 1.074 +.005 points for the cherry puree. Finished gravity was 1.030. 6.5% ABV Luckily, it wasn't as sweet as I thought it was going to be. The cocoa powder came through well, not bitter or overpowering. The cherry puree is there also but not too sweet. Pretty decent balance. I took 2 cups of wort out during the boil and added the 1 1/2 cups of cocoa powder to it, mixed well until it was like thick chocolate syrup then added back in the last 10 minutes of the boil. The cherry puree was added  to the primary 3 days after fermentation started. It didn't make it into the Imperial stout range and it's a little high gravity for a milk stout, so I guess it's in between. I think next time I would increase the lactose from 1/2 lb. to 3/4 or 1 lb. It's lacking that creaminess and increased mouth feel you get from the lactose. If anybody wants the recipe I'll put it up. I supposed you could substitute any fruit puree you wanted. I think raspberry would be good too!




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That's a Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Stout. About to move to secondary this week. Also have a Irish red in primary at the moment.
My favorite beer is Troegs, Mad Elf. I found a clone recipe of it from austinhome brew and now I enjoy it year round. Original is 11% but what I make ends up being 13% and smoother I don't like hoppie beer.
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"One bad bitch" by Three Huskies Brewing in upstate NY. So good brought a growler home to MN. 13.6% ABV IPA. One of the best beers I've had in a long time.
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