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Here what the intake vents look like on the FB now, the bolts do not move, I welded the nut to the inlet cover.  I should have done this in the first place, but I thought it would look better without the bolt heads sticking out.







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Looking Good



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This picture is of my first grill I made from my Sears 20 Gallon Compressor.  This project is what has sent me down 







I have not attached the top shelf, but this is wihat it will look like, give me some feedback, what do you all think.





Bottom shelf for the grill.....This is coming along...It will hold 200 + pounds

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Looking Good  getting close now



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Worked on the RF Plate with some guidance from Dave.  It took me a while decided how to cut and install the plate, but here a picture of what has been done so far


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I had to turn it upside over.... or what ever.....

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Getting close...I have a few plugs I need to grind down and re-weld, Painting seasoning the smoker and it's on.  Let me know what you think of the (for the most part) Final project.???






The grill itself is a beast I used 1/2" round stock.  





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Nice    Closer 

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Originally Posted by sttimmerma View Post





Thanks for the information....I made fitting the door much harder than it need to be.  I cut the door out completely....I welded a complete bead, I used 3/16" strapping.  Which I heated up with a torch and curved it on the lid.  I will attach a few photos, please feel free to comment.  Thanks,

Feel free to comment......I will be stealing a lot of the info on this very informative thread to build my 60 gallon RF smoker...Thanks....

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Nice,  moving right along




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Looking good !  That grate will never wear out!!!



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Have put a couple of coats of paint on the smoker..Had one burn for about 4 hours, coated the interior of the CC and grill with Canola Oil.  Have I left out anything.  I am planning to smoke my first "project" TBD this weekend.

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I did a test run yesterday with a 7 lb pork butt................OBSERVATIONS


1.  I had on hand 2 bags of Kingsford Charcoal (on hand)


2. Inside my FB, I built a elevated stand out of 1 1/2 angle iron.


3. Outside temps were in the 80s


4. I really struggled to get my cooking temps over 200 F.  


5.  I thought at first, I didn't have enough charcoal in the FB.  So at about hour 2, I added charcoal every 45 minutes in an effort to increase the CC temps up to and hopefully over 225.  It didn't matter how much I added temps stayed at between 200 and 210.  


6.  I had all intake vents fully open, as well as the exhaust.


7.  After I wrapped the butt in foil at hour 5, I decided to grab a few pieces of Juniper from the wood pile to see if and how much I could increase the CC temps.


8. The wood kicked up the temps right away...I was able to maintain 225 with no problem.


9.  Not sure how the Juniper was going to affect the taste. 




Question to the group.


If a build a "basket" for the charcoal, will that help with increasing temps.


Or should I resign on getting some wood to supplement.


I was really surprised on how much charcoal I used.  over 18 lbs. in 8 hours.

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I noticed in your post #7 I believe, you used Feldon's for some of the numbers....

Did you use Feldon's for the FB to CC opening and areas under the RF plate and at the end of the RF plate.....

Also, did you have the lower air inlets to the FB wide open and the upper air inlet to the FB wide open.....

(The plates on the adjusters may be interfering with air flow... not providing enough gap between the plates and the FB walls)

Did you do any adjusting to the upper air inlet to the FB during the cook.....
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Thanks Dave, used the calculator for FB to CC size as well as inlet size into FB.  Also for the intake vents into the FB. based on those calculations I added 1 extra 2" intake, thinking there may be times that I may need a little extra air intake.  But each can be managed to allow more or less air into FB.  I also used the calculator for the size and length of the stack.  


Your previous comments proved very helpful for the RF plate.  I ended up welding it completely so It's like a bathtub.  


I ensured the outlet from under the RF plate was no smaller than the exhaust from the FB.  


I did notice there was some leakage around the CC door.  It's not air tight.  At one point I thought about grabbing some Aluminum foil to create a gasket.  But I noticed the stack was drafting really well.  So I didn't.

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Feldon's calculator is notorious for a small FB to CC opening... That doesn't allow for good air flow.... The FB usually gets really hot while the CC doesn't get warm enough.... Using the upper air control, on the FB, can help overcome that problem, but the resistance from a restricted air channel still poses a problem....

An air tight smoker is a must to keep good air flow through the FB and CC.... Seal all the air leaks....
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Questions for the group:


1. Will a basket for the charcoal help increase temps in the CC


2. Looking at moods to the RF plate to allow more venting through the middle of the plate with 3" angle iron.  


3.  The problem with the smoker: unable to attain temps above 200 without adding wood.


4.  Looking back might have been better served at making this an off-set rather than the RF.  Based on my experience with the limited temps inside the CC.

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A charcoal basket will help with keeping a steadier temp, especially using the minion method, letting you focus more on cooking and not managing a fire.  With that size of a smoker, you should be easily getting some higher cooking temps, must be some air flow restrictions, or need more intake.

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Thanks Bruno, I built a rack out of 1 1/2 angle iron inside the FB, however I noticed about half way through the smoke (hour 4) the ash build up became an issue.  as I would add more charcoal, it would settle down inside the ash and not burn, as a matter of fact, went out the next morning to clean out the FB and the charcoal was still burning..

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I just looked back at your pics, yeah, you really need to get the coals and fire above the bottom of the firebox with an ash pan underneath,  The ashes will snuff out a good fire.

My slide out charcoal basket with slide out ash pan.

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