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97lbs of bacon

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Just put 97lbs of bacon in the smoker.
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Sending out samples by any chance? Can't wait for the finished product!
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Wow, keep us posted



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My hero! How is thst TMV holding up for you?
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Wow - Now that is a lot of bacon!

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Almost no room for smoke with that load in there!
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How did your bacon turn out ?



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Finished this up last night and cooked a few pieces this morning.  Needless to say, I'll be having bacon for breakfast, bacon sandwiches for lunch and bacon cheese burgers for supper.  The smoker was crowded, but after the first few pieces on the bottom came out, I rotated it around and then it all got done within the same hour.  I had cured it for 11 days since some of the pieces were over 4 inches thick and it turned out great.  I cut up all of the end pieces and they will season my beans.  I had to split this with my dad and my brother, but I still had about 30lbs to put in the freezer.  I left the skin on while I smoked it and cut it off after it was done.  I took the skin and put it in the oven for about an hour on 350°F and made some pork skin treats for my mom's dogs.  Nothing goes to waste around here.  I was so tired that I forgot to take pictures of the final product.

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