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build help

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i have this current smoker and i'm wanting to add a wood burning stove for a firebox to it . does anyone have any ideas on how to do this and possibly have a drawing to show it. i also have a lot of red brick to incorporrate into to it as well

image.jpg 59k .jpg file
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I'm FULL of ideas! BUT, first we need more details about your existing structure. A few more pics from different angles and a couple inside shots would be very helpful. It looks to me like there's some good potential here. One initial thought though is the construction of the large stone base of what I presume has been used as a wood-fired grill (but of course could always also be used as a smoker if one pushes the fire off to one side of the unit and put the meat on the other side). Are the large rectangular "bricks" (they look like about 80 lb. "bricks"!) or blocks mortared together? Or are they just laid up on one another with nothing to join & seal them? If they are not mortared together, are you willing to dissasemble it and mortar things together?


If they are not mortared together I would have some immediate concerns regarding the assembly performing as a true smoker. You really want the unit to be well sealed so that you can control the air flow. 


I should think adding a firebox of some sort shouldn't be all that difficult.


Give us some more details and we can explore this further.


Terry on Tampa Bay, Florida

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you are right 80lbs blocks unsealed was just being used as a hot coal cooker the lid on the top is a old pig scalder that i converted. i am gooing to put a flume on it when i figure out the fire box placement. i also have red brick to fill in and make it taller. i cooked on it that way for five years and it has done well but not what i am wanting. and it will be a complete tear down and rebuild cause we have moved and i have to go get that to finish moving. also i have a wood burning stove to use as a fire box.

image.jpg 938k .jpg file
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i always thought the pig scalder was ironic to use as a hood. since that is what you would use to scald a pig after it was put down on the farm
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I looked at your drawing and it appears that you are considering building something that is pretty darn close to the design of my brick smoker. In this thread:  "New Doors & Top for Old Brick Smoker"  I posted a bunch of pictures of my smoker. Perhaps looking at those will give you some ideas.


What area do you live?

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I will look and Fairview tn
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Welcome to the forum Wes.   Like your name.  :-)    LOL!   Love your idea.   I remember growing up building a fire under many a half barrel to scald hogs.   I like the idea of using it as a hood.  

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That looks nice, more pictures would help.  



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