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Cocktail Smokies (Finished)

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First time making cocktail smokies. We ate some store bought  smokies over the holidays and I decided to give them a try home made. Used the Len poli cocktail sausage recipe. I substituted the phosphate with soy protein Isolate and ran out of mace so I used nutmeg. 1.5 oz mace was 9.99 at the grocery. I ordered some from amazon 3.8 oz for 15 dollars. b

Did about  a 50/50 mix beef and pork.. well maybe a little more pork but who's counting





Used some JMAK FARMS pure honey....... AKA Pineywoods.. There's my helper in the background...yeah right...lol




All mixed up and in the fridge overnight



Out of the fridge ready to stuff



Was nearing the end of the sheep's. Washed and soaked overnight.. They were nice and silky smooth. Easy to open and load



Tried twisting to link but came up with a better idea



Fill a length of sheep's then lay out the string then tie... Worked well. Had to get my pressure right.. the first one I did I stuffed to tight  and had some blowouts when I tied. I got it right after that






Hung to fan dry and form a pellicle.. The smokies were nice and tacky ready for the smoker. I ran out of sheep's with a little left to go so I broke out some 19mm collagen to finish. We'll see how they come out......





Dried and ready for the smoker.. Going to cold smoke with apple for 2 hrs then start some heat



Loaded in the smoker. Got to get it done tonight. Have to go to work tomorrow morning so looks like I wont get much sleep. Should have them done around 3AM... I'll have the final pics up tomorrow evening



Thanks for looking and be back soon



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I will be watching the master for more.
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YUM YUM... you been a busy man ...
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Lookin real good Joe ! I'm in for this one !
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2 hrs cold smoke is done. Opened the smoker and started heat..... Now I smell like smoke...lol



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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

2 hrs cold smoke is done. Opened the smoker and started heat..... Now I smell like smoke...lol

Don't shower...... crawl into bed and snuggle real close...... lurk.gif
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3 AM....Pretty good guesstimate..........:biggrin:


Finished with IT at 160... Some places were a little cooler at 156... Good to go








You can call these real smokies... took on a nice smokey aroma with the apple pellets. Going to separate and put some in a crock with some BBQ sauce... Will let you know how they came out as far as taste...... Will have a money shot soon. Time to get some sleep with what ever's left of the morning



Thanks for looking....



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That looks awesome!!! Great smoke...
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Great job Joe. Those look outstanding! :drool

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Looks great.

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Nice looking Smokies! Bet they'll be tasty with the BBQ sauce!

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They look nice! I also think your thicker link size is an improvement over the originals.

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I love the way I get great ideas on these forums. Great post!





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Very Cool Job, Joe!!Thumbs Up


Those look Awesome!:drool


Beautiful Little Smokies!!-------------:points:




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Joe they look great I like the string method. waiting for the money shot

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Joe , they look great and time consuming to stuff and tie !

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Sweet! I would take a bowl of those puppies. Really nice color.

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Well I got home from work yesterday and pulled one out of the fridge and was not pleased with the taste...... Pretty much dissapointed..... Too much coriander. I'm not a big fan of coriander or marjoram....... I can come up with a better recipe throwing in a little bit of this and a little bit of that than this recipe........ Still going to throw some in a crock pot with some BBQ sauce tomorrow to see if it help.... Pobably wrap the rest and take it to the north florida gathering... There's a lot of test guinea pigs that show up there once a year......lol

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Joe, too bad about the taste, the guinea pigs will be happy ! :icon_biggrin:

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"oink oink"... not sure if that's the noise a guinea pig makes.. but I can change... Hope I can make it this year Joe...
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