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My First Smoke (Baby Backs)

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Everything went pretty well except my thermometer is off by as much as 20 degrees(cold), I checked it in boling water prior to using and it seemed ok but re-checked after I used it and it read -20 from original time??  Used the 2-2-1 method but they weren't even close to being done-no pull back on the bones at all? I think I got good smoke but ran out of time on a Sunday and had to finish in the oven. They tasted great!!!!

I've already purchased a Maverick 732 for the next go----







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Looks TASTY! What kind of smoker?

Happy smoken.


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They look tasty!
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Good color and smoke ring. They look a lot better than my first ribs.

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I have a Smoke Hollow 44 gasser, I wanted to give it another go this weekend but weather here off of Lake Erie hasn't been the best the last 3 or 4 days---lots of snow and cold!!!!

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