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Cheese Temp

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My brother has gotten into making his own cheese, does not have a smoker.  I have a smoker and don't make my own cheese.  I have an electric vertical smoker with a temp range of 60-250 degrees.  Can you smoke cheese at 60-65 degrees or is that to hot?

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Creating smoke at 60 degrees can be quite a challenge. 


Most folks use an external smoke generator when smoking cheese.


Do a search on the Electric Smokers Forum and you will find a wealth of knowledge regarding smoke generators.


Good Luck,  John

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Thank you.  I might have to get something figured out.

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Trail, I bought an AMNPS and some pellets for smoking cheese ,works very well !

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I too, use the AMNPS for all cheese smoking.  It works great!


60*-70- for smoking cheese also works for me.  You can smoke colder, but it will be a lighter smoke flavor after aging. 

Smoke flavor is a personal thing anyway, so we all have our different times.  For me 3 to 5 hours is just right.

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