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Smoking a Tri tip this nice cold Thursday

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How's it going every one, happy new year, need a lil advice here, I'm smoking a 5 pound Tri tip today, what should my internal temp should be? I know it's a bigger piece of meat so it's not gonna cook in 2 hours, what should be my turn around time more or less? Using the low and slow method since it's freezing out here I know my smoker is gonna have a hard time staying hot
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Try a reverse sear. For med rare smoke at 200°-225° till a IT of 120° then move to a screaming hot grill or heavy pan to finish.

Happy smoken.


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What's left today use tomorrow on some tacos....yum.

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You'll be surprised Tri tip doesn't take long to cook because it's not very thick. I have had 5-6 pound tips done in 1 1/2 hours (IT of 130) running the smoker at 250-265.

As far as what IT to cook to, that depends on how you like your steak cooked. Rare 120-125, medium rare 130-135 medium 140-145 well 150-155.
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Awesome thanks guys so just wait till my internal temp is about 145 pull it out wrap it n let it sit for about 45 mins?
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Yes if you are looking for medium. Regardless of IT you want to wrap and rest 45mins prior to slicing.
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Looks like Dirtsailer has you covered and yes, go with the reverse sear!
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