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Dual Smoke methods?

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Are you able to use the AMNPS and wood chips at the same time?

Lets say I wanted to use Hickory pellets in the amnps and cherry wood chips in the I making more work than necessary or even make a difference?

The reason I ask is because I bought two HUGE bags of oak and cheery woods chips, but after reading from the forums, y'all talked me into buying the amnps. Dont want to let it all go to waste, but didnt want to load chips every hour either.

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Put a few chips on top of the pellets.

Happy smoken.


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If it were me I'd use one or the other.  I guess you could run half a tray of AMZNPS and then some cherry chips I am not sure what happen to the heat of the smoker.  I wonder about using them at the same time might produce too much smoke... Just my thoughts  I like what David said.

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