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Got a new smoker for Christmas!

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Well, I joined up to the site back 9 months ago, did the 5 day Ecourse... and then life got me away from here... Christmas morning with the family and I knew Dad bought a smoker for my little brother, to my surprise he got me one as well! Got a Landmann Smokey Mountain 3495GLA. Right away I was on here seeking more information. Got the smoker un packed and assembled on Saturday, I was very impressed with the care took in packing the smoker and all parts. Assembly went well, took me about an hour with the "help" of my 2 year old boy. I am very happy with the quality of the smoker!


After doing some reading on here, I decided to do some mods to it before I get to carried away. I saw a lot of guys use high temp silicone caulk to seal up the chamber, and add a door gasket. I also really like what Lamar did with his 3895GWLA, so I'll be adding a wind "skirt" and thermometer rack. Also have seen many people adding a needle valve for better heat control. These are things I want to get done before my first smoke... I am a little OCD in getting things how I want them, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!


I'll get some pics of the smoker as it sits, and some along the way doing my mods.


And once I get her fired up, I've got a freezer full of ribs, briskets and butts to try out... will defiantly add some Q-view!





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Nathan, now THAT'S some enthusiasm.  Looking forward to seeing what you smoke! 

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