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Control Box Wiring Help

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Hey guys, I posted another thread on this, but I think the attached images made it unable to open. Basically, I'm designing a control box with 2-TA4-SSR PID Controllers, 2-25A Solid State Relays with heatsinks, 2-Single Pole switches, 1-Duplex Receptacle with both side tabs broken off, 14 gauge wire for power and jumpers, and wago's and wire nuts for the connections. I think I pretty much have it wired correctly, but would like some second opinions. Thanks for the help.

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I think I finally got it posted right, haha. Additional info: I'll be using a 200 watt silicone heat mat on each PID Controller. I'm still waiting on my Solid State Relay to arrive; I had one go out on me within a couple weeks of receiving it(cheap chinese SSR from Ebay). I also have a question on another SSR I have. I'll add a photo, but can anyone lewt me know what the "H" stands for or is used for: "SSR- 25 DA-H" . Thanks again, this forum is very knowledgeable.

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All looks good... just need the Thermo couples hooked up.. just a reminder that they are polarity sensitive ...
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Thank you sir, and yes,haven't attached my probes yet. I am using PT 100 probes with a Red, and 2 Blue wires. What seemed to work was the Red attached to #7 on the PID controller and the other Blue wires to #8 and #9. Can't wait to get my SSR to see how this thing goes.

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you can still wire the PID's and "play" with them.. learn the steps and settings... the little red light will come on when the signal is sent to energize the SSR
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BTW.. what are we heating... or shouldn't I ask... biggrin.gif
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Yes sir. I got my bad SSR hooked up and everything fires up. The SSR just stays on all the time now, but for testing, it'll do. Haha, I'm using it to heat a couple vacuum chambers. I frequent cannabis forums, but it seems home brewers and the brewing forums are just a couple steps ahead on everything and seem to know a bit more regarding technical and wiring. Haha

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If you want to cut back on wires.. you only had to break of one side tab on the receptacle.. only need to run one common (wh) to the receptacle... maybe mark the receptacle for which PID is controlling which plug ...
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Thank you for the clarification on that. I wasn't sure.

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Pretty neat,  



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