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Smoked salmon pasta

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I am sure most of us have a favourite smoked salmon (cold smoked) creamy sauce pasta dish. But is it a 12 minute dish? Here is the easy way: boil pasta (penne, rigatoni, rotini, not ribbon pasta). Drain but not too much, leave them wet. Save a cup of pasta water. Put them back in the pot and dump over them a brick of cream cheese (cut up in quarters), capers , green onion, some Dijon mustard, dill and sliced salmon. Stir the mess until the cheese turn into a sauce. Add pasta water as needed. Eat them quickly - once they cooled down they get almost inedible.

Credits for the idea go to Michael Smith.
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As a lifetime smoked salmon fan I can honestly say.... :Looks-Great:

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It looks very tasty!

Happy smoken.


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OK if you like.........S  A  L  M  O  N........:yahoo:

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