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tired or too much to drink!!

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OK I have a pork loin that I planned on making Canadian bacon/ cured smoked pork chops. I used pops recipe....sort of. I cut the salt to 3/4 cup salt.. but forgot the white after injecting one of the loins, I realized I screwed up and went ahead and added the sugar and reinjected the loins...oh it gets better...then I realized I only put 1 tsp instead of a tablespoon of cure #1. SOOOO I mixed up a small amount of water and added the other two tsp. I screwed? Note to self: don't do stuff when you're tired...
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Not necessarily. Add the missed cure and leave the loin in the brine for a few more days. The nice thing about Pops brine is that it isn't maxed out on the cure so a week or a month doesn't make much difference from what I understand.

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Allow a week for it to diffuse throughout the meat and you should be alright. Better that you make a check list before you start and follow it.

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I figured I would leave it for 10 - 14 days. I did add the extra cure and swirled it around, but I'll probably go ahead and rearrange the meat and maybe inject again to be sure...the small t on the tbsp threw me off! too many years cooking and looking for the big T ! and a scotch ale didn't help! Thanks for the imput!

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