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AMNTS placement

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In my old MES40, my AMNTS provided the perfect amount of supplemental smoke. I have upgraded to the YS480, and now I can't get a good amount of smoke out of it.


Where is the best placement for the best smoke production???


Thanks in advance!

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I don't own a Yoder, so your mileage my vary...but in my Rec Tec, I've found the best placement of my tube smoker is back left on the main grates.  In my RT, the firepot is in the center of the barrel, which is different than the left-hand firepot in your Yoder.  It may also depend on how the fans in your rig circulate the that might take a little trial and error.  



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I have a YS640 and put my AMNTS on the left side at the end of the grate. I seem to have better luck keeping it going if I light the tube 5 minutes before I start my smoker, wait for the pellets to start burning and then close the lid. The entire process usually takes about 10-12 minutes. 



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Thanks guys!

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