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Random smoking party pics

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I thought you all might enjoy this. I have owned my 18.5 WSM for almost a year now and can't get enough of it, nor can anyone that comes over.

Pulled pork for my wedding rehearsal dinner


Ribs and Mac



First Brisket

Double pork butt

The rest of the food, pulled pork,trout, brisket, cornish hens



Moms bday brisket, pulled pork and sides




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Tasty looking Q! Nice Smokes!!
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hell yeah, looks great, makin me hungry !!  Thumbs Up

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Gotta love that WSM! Food looks great!
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Nice Smoke Ring on the Ribs!!!!
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You just about covered all of the meat groups. It all looks tasty.

Happy smoken.


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Seeing that brisket inspires me. That'll be my next go.....  

Real nice spread there, gotta say - points1.png

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Very nice post, glad you are enjoying smoking, it is very addictive!!


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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One word. Mmmmmmmmmmmm...
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Looks great!


Too bad you had nothing to eat?  :biggrin:


Good luck and good smoking.

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bbq pron bbq pron bbq pron... love it love it love it!!

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Hahaha thanks all! Thinking I'm going to need a second wsm soon, the family is very demanding 😉

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Smokin' meat is like brewing beer. One can never stay ahead of the power curve :beercheer:

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