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smoker grates

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if this topic is on here I cant find it. I need to make custom grates an I was thinking of using expanded metal. do I just leave it bare metal and run a few hot runs with the smoker or do I need to coat the metal and if so with what.Thanks

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First, I would definitely use stainless expanded metal so you don't have to worry about rust down the road. As for coating them, just spray with a cooking oil or some bacon fat and season them the same as you season the rest of the smoker. 

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OK I will go with that thank you. I'll use bacon grease I have a large coffee can full of it since we dont pour it down the drain. Should I smear some on the inside of my fridge smoker? I painted the inside with high temp paint and ran a session today for the first time hit about 450 degrees. Figure I will do a few hot runs to burn off anything
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