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Naked Snack Sticks

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Mixed up 5#'s of ground beef with a Cabela's jerky/cure blend this morning. Let it cure in bulk for 8 hours then pumped it out onto my Bradley racks with the jerky "cannon". Thankfully 5#'s just fit on the racks I had available.

Rack 1 of 4

Took a technique from Bear's playbook and decided to park the sticks in the fridge overnight to dry a little and firm up a bit.

Using the Yuengling case for an alternative purpose.

Now that it's cooling down a bit outside, the cheese smoking project will be the next endeavor for the day.
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Caseless snack sticks are tasty! Gonna be some great snacking!
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 Man I am watchin this.   I LOVE snack sticks.

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Busy day ahead

Had to get creative with the racks on the WSM. I'm already outgrowing the 18.5

Everything probed up and ready for some TBS

All this before I even got a sip of coffee...
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First batch of sticks just hit 160°. I was worried they didn't get enough smoke after only being in the cooker for 3 hours. The taste test proved otherwise. They are great!

I hate to say it, but the Slim Jim factory may have to layoff a few people now that I know I can make these...

Onto part 2 of today's smoking: whole muscle jerky
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Looks great man! I love making jerky and summer sausage. Would like to try snack sticks with pepper jack cheese in the very near future!
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The final haul... Everything is off the smoke and rested. Vac packing as soon as the race is over.

Jerky is still going in the dehydrator.
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