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New Smoker

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Hey folks,


I will be purchasing anew smoker.  I think it will be a Cookshack Amerique 066.  I really want to start making my own bacon and lox plus the standards ribs, brisket, shoulder, etc.. I plan to get the cold smoking plate.  Is it a waste if I also get the amazing smoker add in?  Am I going wrong?  Please help me out.  Is there anything else I should get while I am spending?




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You do not need the Amazin smoker. The Cookshack smokers work as designed without needing to mod them. Additionally they are very air tight and you would likely need to drill one or more holes in the floor pan for ventilation. Search for thin blue smoke Smokintex to see the mod someone did complete with pics. Also query this at cookshack.
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Thanks Sarge,  I will investigate your input here.



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Please let us know what you decide.

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