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Danny, I am always on here! Funny I do not see all of you and Wades Posts?

Smokin Monkey
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How do you think we'll get on at Woodhall if I bring my homemade carbide cannon, we could use it to launch some of that Scottish delicacy, deep fried Mars bars if Ewan has the recipe ?


Reminds me of a tale of a down and out who goes into a dingy greasy spoon cafe in Glasgow with only the price of a cuppa. He sits there nursing his tea but notices an old jock across the way just staring at a bowl of chilli. If you're no eatin' that, can I have it he asks ?

The old jock shrugs and passes it across.

Laddo tucks in and gets three quarters of the way through it then finds a dead mouse in the bowl. He immediately spews the lot up back into the bowl, the old jock looks across and says " Yup, that's as far as I got with it an' all laddie "  :icon_mrgreen:

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Carbide cannon.  That's a new one on me.  The one I built had an 1 1/4"- 1 1/2" bore, about just bigger than a golf ball.  Used a proper fuse and proper black powder, just like the old days.  The ex-missus hated it!  I never warned her when I was playing with it.  Rattled every window in the house.  It was GREAT!  Flames shot out the end and the smoke from the gunpowder filled the air.  Fired it out over a VERY large lake.  When loaded properly I never saw when that golf ball hit the water because of the distance.  I can reliable say that people should not be allowed to sell gunpowder to old crazy dumb rednecks!  Went fishing once with dynamite and dynamite blasting caps, but that's a different story.  See what I mean??  Nothing beats a good explosion!  :ROTF


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Wouldn't know where to start with deep fried mars bars lol never had one.pizza crunch suppers are another matter
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Used to make our own blackpowder as kids for home made bottle rockets and bangers, can't buy Visco  fuse over here like you can Stateside, so used to detonate them with an old car battery to get a wire glowing red hot, happy days and I still have all my fingers ! I get my carbide shipped over from the US, you maybe know it as Bangsite Danny ?

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What are the numbers like for the Annual Summer BBQ Bash?


And the next question, how did you keep the food from going off last year? was it the case of submersing everything in cold water?  otherwise I think we will need a fridge the size of a small van!! It's been a while since I did any of this camping lark...


I am thinking of bringing some Salmon.  I  can't make my mind up whether to cold smoke it and bring it down already smoked, or alternatively uncooked Salmon that can be plank cooked on the day.


Decisions, Decisions! 

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Hi Smokewood' do not worry about refrigeration,

One of these will be on site,

This is what I do for a living!

Smokin Monkey
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The butcher down there is happy to take phone orders for meat
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I was going to do a barrel of home brew and requests?
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WOW, Smokin Monkey that is impressive.  If it's a hot day it's big enough to stand in!

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We just locked Danny in there last year when his snoring was keeping everyone awake at night.

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We can put a table in there and have a party!

Smokin Monkey
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Hello.  smokewood.  Last year was our first meet.  We had 5 member couples and ended up feeding about 22-24 people and folks took left overs at the end.  I know Wade had food ready to  go he didn't cook and so did I.  Smokin Monkey was a life saver with that fridge trailer.  That trailer is what makes this meet possible.  I was really worried about keeping all that food cold.  Smokin Monkey shows up Friday afternoon that his rig and all our problems were solved.  It's one of the reasons why we book the extra pitch, for the electric hookup for the fridge.  He also brought the large gazebo where we had the food tables, and the tables.  By Friday nite the rain started from the remnants of the hurricane.  We had 14 of us huddled under my 3m x 3m gazebo.  You would have thought we had been together a couple times a year for several years.  I hope we have more there next year but I think our first meet went pretty well.  If you check out the parks website, they do offer an "eco pod" that can be rented.  There is also a hotel about a mile away and I feel certain there are some B&B near by.  By booking early, a room should be available.  If the members think our weekend would be better served and or more comfortable if we rented a venue, say like a Church Hall then we can certainly consider that for 2016.  I will be happy to do the ground work and offer some options and prices around the Midlands.  I think the Midlands allows the best access for folks from across the country but if the members would rather change that also then I feel certain we have a member from where ever that would be glad to offer us some options to choose from.  For next year, of those members who offered an opinion decided on the Woodhall campsite again.  Just a little background for the newer members.  Keep Smokin!


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Hello.  One last thing I think I should post here for the newer members is the campsite rule against any type of selling or displays of products as it may seem the site is endorsing a business or product.  Now it seems that if you have a business name on your vehicle or as in the case of Smokin Monkey he has details of his business on his fridge trailer they are fine with that so long as it is not there for display and there is no "promotion" of the product or business.  As in the case of the fridge trailer no one else knew we hadn't just rented that trailer for our Smokin Weekend.  We have a good relationship with the site wardens and don't want to jeopardise that relationship.  Joan and Peter ( the wardens ) also get invited to the Saturday "feast", HEY! gotta spread the "love".  AT THE MOMENT the manager and the owners won't offer us a discount but I believe once we start bringing in 20-30 couples ( or more ) for a particular weekend they will not want to lose our business.  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!


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Does that mean I have to take the sign off the top of my van, it's exactly like this one , but about 2 foot smaller.  Sorry I couldn't resist it, It's OK Danny you wouldn't know I was there.   


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Wow - that BBQ is almost as big as the one on the outside of the Weber restaurant in Indianapolis. You could get a few racks of ribs in there thumb1%20copy.gif 

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I have heard that pilots flying into Manchester now use it as a landmark :police:

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Sorry Danny for blatantly flouting the rules for my own gains Rules.gif

I have worked hard today rebranding my trailer so it will be allowed on othe campsite

Once again sorry!

Smokin Monkey 38.gif
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He, He, He :yahoo:

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Are you guys booking pitches for tents or do you take camper/caravans?
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