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A couple of days ago I cooked an Eye Of Round (about 6.75 lb) in the smoker.  I done this with bottom round, but always sliced very thin next day for French Dip.


I started the eye of round cooking differently than I usually do.  Instead of putting it in a preheated smoker at 300* - 375* or more to start, I started this one in a totally cold 50* smoker.


2:00 PM - I set the meat on the counter and unwrapped.

2:45 - started the chimney of lump going.

3:15 - meat on grates and lit coals in sfb.  Air temp and smoker both @ 50*.  I put a 2" split & a couple chunks of wood in sfb away from basket to warm for later use.  Intake vent 1/2 open.

3:30 - chamber @ 252*.  -- Closed intake vent to 1/4.

4:15 - @ 225* -- added  hickory chunk for smoke and heat, to coals, and started maybe 1/4  to 1/3 chimney to light.

4:30 - added 1/4 chimney of coals and 2" split, opened vent to 1/2

5:00 - Chamber @ 325*.   IT @91*.  Closed vent to 1/4

5:30 - Chamber at 250*.   IT @ 111*  Added 1" split

5:45 - Chamber at 260*.   IT @ 115*

6:00 - Chamber @ 230*.  IT @ 122*

6:30 - Chamber @ 180*.  IT @ 133*.  Pulled, tented and rested for 25 minutes.  IT rose to 136* and dropped to 132* before I sliced some off for dinner.


It was a perfect medium rare. 

It was so very juicy and tendet!

Next time I will pull it at 123* and let carryover take it to 126*-128*.  We like it a little more rare.   But this was still by far the best eye of round I've ever done.

In oven or outside.   Still tender enough even sliced at 1/3" thick for dinner.  It was as tender as any sirloin.  And just as tasty.  (I didn't trim any fat off before hand.)

I had planned on slicing very thin to use at family dinner coming up, but now I don't think it will last that long.  LOL


Recipe:  Like I had one.  HA!


A good amount of Kosher salt over all.  (More than you think you need)

Add my basic rub I use for most smoking (homemade)  I don't use heavily.  Just sprinkled on until very well covered, and pat in.

Add MORE fresh cracked pepper to it.  (The more the merrier!)

8-10 Cloves of Garlic, smashed, minced &  smushed, what have you.


Spread all over entire roast.  Wrap tightly with layers of Saran type wrap overnight, or longer.

It's awesome taste that will please you long after dinner!


What?  --  No Que View. 

Wife not home to take pics while cooking, and too hungry from the smells, to mess with camera later. 


But the most important note....  I did have better burning of wood than I had experienced in the past.  I used smaller pieces and took the time and effort to remove the heavy bark though.


How do you deal with the thick bark when smoking?  I don't sweat the thin bark from small  branch wood.  It's gone quickly.