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Mypin ta4 snr pid temp controller

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Ok so I'm new to the forum. I decided to try making a pid controller for fun. I generally never have any temp issues smoking on my webber kettle. This is literally a for the fun of it project.

Well it's not fun now...... I'm pretty sure the pid is bad in some fashion. I set the target temp. to 100 degrees f for testing when I put the prob in the hot water it hits the temp and the ssr never switches my fan off. I have hooked my multi-meter to pins 3 and 4. Not matter what the temp is the voltage stays at 24v dc. Any ideas? Am I right to assume the pid is bad?

I have a new one on the way and the old one goes bad tomorrow in ups.
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let me see If I have this right... You set your target temp at 100` ??.. Then you stick the probe into hot water... how hot ?? the probe reading should tell you ... If it's over 100` (set point).. the fan will not come on as you are already over your target temp... do you have a wiring diagram you can post ??
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The idea is the fan should be on until I hit 100 degrees. Then it should switch off until the temp gets back to -100 degrees.

Here is a diagram.
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after looking at his thread.. thinking you might have the TC hooked up wrong... it looks like it's suppose to be on terminals 8 and 9.. also the TC has a NEG and POS... make sure you have those correct as well...
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T.C. is hooked up according to the diagram on my ta4. Interesting that the other thread says several times that they show up doa all the time.
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ok.. well.. wait until the new one arrives and give it a try.... if it does the same thing then maybe something in the parameters is set wrong...
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do you have the parameter for the TC set on the right type ?? J, K, or whatever type it is ?? just checking all options
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Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I did have it set to K. My new controller just arrived. I will try to set it up tonight to see if I have the problem solved.
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Ok so it turns out the first pid I got was bad. It took about two minutes to wire the test up to check. Tommorow I will go buy the box and build it. My goal is to post as much info as I can about how to build a box. I have had a lot of trouble finding a good walk through.
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