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Frozen perk belly

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I'm gearing up for my first attempt at making bacon. I've been reading up and I'm planning on following Pops wet cure method.

My question is, Can I use frozen pork belly? If so, do I need to fully thaw first? Does this change the cure time? Any other tips?

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I would thaw it. making my 1st Canadian bacon with pops cure. Six more days till smoke time.I am sure others with more experience will be along soon.


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Fully thaw.....
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Like Dave says, fully thaw it before it goes into the brine( you would crap if you learned how long it would take to thaw in a bucket of brine thats sitting in a fridge )

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The colder the temp, the slower cure works.... 36-38 deg. F are about the minimum you want to cure meat....
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