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Because of the extreme drought here in Texas, most of us have been forced to abandon watering our yards, just letting them go until we get sufficient rain and to allow us to water.  My yard (now, we have 4 seasons in Texas - green, brown, green, brown - spring, summer, fall and winter!).  My summer lawn:




Leaves prematurely starting to fall off our honeygum trees, roots showing from shrinking soils, rosebushes stopped growing (they are so pretty in the spring!).


Now, I don't do much lawn work, I hire the necessities done a/c strokes.  Watering I can do but not allowed to (lake levels more than -20 ft down), so just let it go.


Now, my neighbors across the street from me, his wife is constantly working her flower garden (you are allowed to water with a flower can).  But, they do it 'different' - alternative lawn.  Lay down black plastic sheets, cover with cinders, different colors, make sections with lawn edging, and plant flowers that they tend to with wonderful care;


on their half of the driveway side:



their 'lawn':






Now that is planning!  Just beautiful, a photo doesn't do it justice - pretty pink and white flowers, in the spring hardier yellow and red blooms too!

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I hate When we get a year without much rain.


Kills the crops.   



Hope you get some rain soon.

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