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Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

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Good day

this is my first attempt at the meatloaf log and I must say it is a hit

nice and moist and firm this is a great recipe from Jeff and some what easy to assemble (with a little weaving help from the wife)

My logs were a little larger than 2" in diameter as suggested but I just left it the smoker until it was 165* internal about 3 & 1/2 hours

included is a pix of the finished bacon wrapped loaf

I didn't sauce it up as I wanted to taste it as is right off the smoker

it was very tasty without sauce

Now to add a little of Jeff's Sauce and try it

I cant wait



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Looks good, any sliced pics?

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Happy smoken.


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Urickmic , that's delicious looking , but need plated shots :drool. You probably ate it already .:th_crybaby2:.


More Q-view . . . you know how we are . . .


Later ,

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yea I should have taken more pix but the hungry mob (my wife & kids) left nothing but memories

I did however serve it up with mashed red spuds and carrots

thanks to you all I have learned a photo lesson here but I can only hope I left a vision in your minds with my description


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Love smoked meatloaf.. add bacon and you can not go wrong. Nice smoke

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What temp was your smoker? This is on my list to try!
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the smoker was at 225 - 240 for 3.5 hours or until internal temp of 165

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Here ya go guys this is what sliced meatloaf looks like!



All Joking aside your bacon looks spot on! Nice Smoke!

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Terrific looking meatloar, Urickmic. I understand about the horde descending. Hunger usually trumps artistic endeavour!



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