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Cool morning Sunday smoke 59* out.. nice

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Injected friday night with Myron Mixon injection recipe. Trimmed and rubbed this morning with plowboys yardbird and bovine bold and I topped it off with some sugar in the raw.  Somking at 230ish with cherry chunks on my Gasser. ill smoke to a IT in the 160 area then I'm either going to wrap in foil pan with some injection mix or the new method to me is wrapping in butcher paper.  Then ill take her to 203 area and check to see if its done. 

The wife wants it hot and fast with the foil pan.. so we will see where it ends up. 


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Keep the pics coming.

Happy smoken.


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I think cherry is perfect for low and slow. What is the difference in using butcher's paper vice foil?

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Sorry to hear about the cold temps there. It's 80 here...perfect.

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Got some TBS going.. Its settled in at 228 right now after refilling the water pan and adding another chunk of cherry.  

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Grillmonkey on another forum its the way a lot of folks like to smoke their briskets. Franklin BBQ has a youtube video on how he smokes his briskets and he uses butcher paper on some.  They say foil steams them more and butcher paper breathes more so its not steaming and you keep the bark better with BP. I never tried it so I might today just to see what the rage is all about.  As long it comes out moist ill be happy. 

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I hope you try it. I didn't foil my last one and it was dry. The one before I foiled, and it didn't have bark. I'd like to hear first-hand how the butcher paper works out.

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Tossed another chunk in and saw I had very little bark started so I took out the water pan. I never used to use a.water pan much but started this summer and have had some nice meat come out of the smoker, but after thinking about it I have not had muck bark on any of my smokes.  So out comes the water pan to see what happens. 

4 hours in and its 151 and smoker is 239. 

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5 hours in at 158 and smoker is 245. Late to the party are some beans just tossed in when I added some more cherry.   

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i see my test piece 

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I hope its not one of the pieces at the bottom.... there 2 hunks of fat trimmings :)

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Looking good and smoked beans to boot!
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OOK its 165 and tgonna cut the point off and.wrap the flat in butcher paper and a paper bag. Butcher only gave the wife a small piece they had none in store.  






Added some rub where i cut them apart and im trying the paper route..  BIG HUGH difference in the bark after removing the water pan.

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Beans are Awesome but done way before the brisket

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You have to eat some to keep your strength up! I think you planned it that way.
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Ok pulled at 201 and its resting i did trim a piece off the point and it was good there is a little bite on the back end. I'm thinking from the bovine bold. Wife does not care for all the bark. So she is waiting for the flat that did loose some wrapped in butcher paper  

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Great , Seaham Thumbs Up.   That looks great :drool:icon_exclaim:


Have fun and . . .

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The point after a 1.5hr rest came out great.  The flat was good but the wife said she liked it better hot and fast wrapped in foil pan at the end.  I agree with her for a couple reasons. 1- Hot and fast is Fast . 2-for me the flat comes out more moist  when wrapped in foil.  3- you get all the juices.  So for me the butcher paper did not change the end result for the better to change to that way of cooking a brisket.  I did not get a pic of the flat we were busy eating a good piece of meat.  It was good but a little dryier then my last coulpe brisket smokes. 

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Looks great from here Bob...those beans look awesome!

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