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After weeks of frustrating searches, I have finally found the supreme supplier of commercial, pre-mixed curing salt here in Brazil. They sure make it tuff on a poor American. Just like Prague Powder #1 form the US, I got 2.....count em ...2 kilos for about 2 bucks American dollars. A commercial company that supplies producers all over Brazil. My cure salt will be here next week and the first brisket for pastrami will be in the pot and in the fridge waiting. Im stoked. Still havent cured the wood problem tho. People dont like cutting up their goiaba or apple trees here.  But I shall persevere and I WILL be eating home smoked pastrami here in a couple weeks. Any juicy tips are welcome.

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Once you have "The Cure", there are so many things you can enjoy. Curing allows all that extra smoking time.

Turkeys, sausage, andouille, bacon, hams. Its like getting an erector set for Christmas and just throwing away and instructions....LOL


Looking forward to seeing some good Q-View of your achievements!


PS Now you'll need to start working on your rye bread baking skills...... :pot:

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So cool , send lots of Q-view...................

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